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Field Day Rocks 51274-1

Field Day was inspired by the playful and colorful things found on a day outdoors. Bright green grass, spring blossoms, tiny seedlings, kites flying in fields and a perfect little picnic. Invoking feelings of a youthful carefree summer day; playing hopscotch, having sack races and rolling down grassy hills. This range of patterns is versatile for use in home decor, children's apparel, adult apparel, travel accessories, bedding, quilts and so much more! This bright, playful collection is perfect for all ages and breathes new life into the everyday. Main pattern (51279L-1 Sycamore & 51279L-2 White) are on Cotton Lawn, ideal for soft, light and breezy garments as well as whole cloth quilts and more! On Sale: January 2019. Ships: May 2019. 22 skus + 2 Cotton Lawn skus.